Hiring Android App Developers? 10 MIMP Factors to Consider

Hiring Android App Developers? 10 MIMP Factors to Consider

Material Design is compatible for mobile devices, especially small ones. In addition, there are many icons that Google provides for free and, usually, there are enough icons to cover most of your needs.

You should contact the project manager or Android developer directly, depending on whom you plan to work with – freelancer or company. Make sure that your communication will be smooth and easy, it is very important. Developers use Android SDK and they don’t pay additional fees for licensing.

Now you are aware of the reasons why you must adopt android developers to build your enterprise application. Next, let’s move on to some of the factors you must consider before hiring an android developer. With almost 2.8 million existing Android apps on the platform, there is fierce competition between apps for users’ attention. Consequently, it puts a great deal of pressure on businesses and app developers to develop Android applications that are high in performance and can suit your budget. A scalable and robust mobile app is the most crucial task that any app development organization needs to accomplish. So, it is imperative to hire Android developers who are skilled, diligent, and dedicated as they bear the primary responsibility for deploying a successful Android application.

What should you know when hiring an Android developer

Before looking for Android developers, you have to figure out what skills and experience your developers should have. You need to provide a detailed job android app development description to find the right ones for your project. Java and Kotlin are two major programming languages used for developing Android applications.


Well, it is the time to explain WHY Android app development is good and why you should hire Android app developers for your project. And the highest level of Android app developer skills is referred to senior developer. Senior Android programmers are specialists that have gained many skills during 5+ years. The ideal Android developer must understand the intricacies of android app development and be able to relate with the concept of technology agnosticism. Thus, the perfect android developer should be adept, intelligent, and understand the idea clearly. Every Android developer brings a different set of skills and attributes to your app development process.

We will list the main parts of the world to provide you with the main Android developer hourly rates in different regions of the world. Besides that, you can indicate what level of Android developer skills needed for your app, how experienced he/she should be and so on. This the main and the first skill all Android developers should obtain, it is impossible to build apps for Android operating system without knowledge in Java. Developers should be able to work with external sources like databases and APIs extracted from external software created by other developers.

The first category of experts can go to any length to improve the features and possibilities of the apps they design. However, the second category of app developers would only focus on the app you want. Besides this, you may have another set of developers who are competent enough to take your brand and image with the app they design. Apart from this, skilled developers should guide companies extensively through technology, design, marketing, and other things.

What should you know when hiring an Android developer

App developers at this level typically have at least 3 years in Android app development and know about working independently on complex app-building projects. There are many good hiring platforms for finding top Android developers and tech-based experts. It’s a good idea to choose platforms that verify their developers to ensure they have adequate Android developer skills and experience. Java is the most commonly used programming language for building Android apps. Although Java knowledge alone can’t make one a top Android developer, it’s not a stretch to say that expertise in this language is essential in the industry. It’s also common for Android developers to work with external data sources and APIs to create more useful and responsive apps efficiently.

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You’ve probably read several articles on tips for hiring the best Android developer. Ivan is a professional with more than 10 years of experience in Android development. As a passionate people person, he values openness and simplicity as foundations for creating a successful story. His breadth of experience and technical expertise make him uniquely suited to solve business problems with technology. Hiring the right expert for Android development can save you a lot of time and money, and you may find them suitable for future projects as well.

  • It is known as the modern Android app development platform to launch your solution in the market.
  • Hire the one that meets your business needs and fits within your budget.
  • To make sure you pick the right one, start by asking yourself these important questions before hiring an Android app developer.
  • Determining a candidate’s technical expertise goes beyond assessing their knowledge of programming languages and Android coding concepts.
  • New technology aids in the acquisition of new knowledge and the addition of new features to old apps.
  • You should pay attention to these skills and find out whether developers you found are good at these skills.

In short, the tech stack is a set of requirements, specifics, and technologies. The right combination of tools and requirements allows the development of a top-notch mobile application for Android users. Choosing the right tech stack is a challenge for the vast majority of business owners. According to your project requirement, you can hire a proficient developer.

Android developer technical skills

As a result, at the current time, Android developers who can create user-friendly apps are in high demand. There are thousands of android developers out there claiming to be the best. But, then how to select the one that is perfect for your project? The one developer who is proficient in not only coding but also is aware of every obstacle that might come in the picture during the complete process. Having said that, I would personally recommend for you go with the android app development company rather than the freelancer. You should focus on hiring Android development companies that have a good understanding of business objectives.

What should you know when hiring an Android developer

No one can deny the significant impact your app has on the users and business. Therefore, the company you hire should stay dedicated to your requirements when compared to developers with less experience. Professional android developers will always meet their deadlines and be efficient in their work. They will focus on designing and deploying applications that meet your business goals.

It competes directly with Apple’s iOS, Windows Phone OS, and BlackBerry OS, among others. This mainland from the Southern hemisphere can boast about a bit lower rates – $110 per hour of Android developer work. This mainland from Southern hemisphere can boast about a bit lower rates – $110 per hour of Android developer work. If there were any bugs found by the developer himself or by QA engineers, Android developer should fix everything to make an app free of bugs and any other malfunctions. Your developer should always be ready to learn and grow with time. The applicants that do not fit the bill can be rejected right away.

Reasons to focus on Android app development

And the last but not the least section we cannot ignore is the Android developer contract rates. How much money will you have to spend on the development of a mobile app? Well, it depends on the country where a company or developer is located.

What should you know when hiring an Android developer

So, select an android app developer who has an excellent track record of delivering apps on time. The Android SDK consists of Java code modules that allow developers to access mobile device functionalities such as the camera and accelerometer. Developers need to maintain their expertise in the Android SDK. Android software development creates applications for devices that run the Android operating system. Because there are numerous Android versions, android developers must stay current on the various versions of Android.

Senior Developer

To hire an Android developer, we will divide this part into two, hard skills and soft skills. If you want to work with a technologically sound person and have a great attitude, you need to look at it holistically. Preparing for your search for a dedicated Android developer makes https://globalcloudteam.com/ the process less painful and more enjoyable. At the end of it all, your next big Android app idea will be ready for success. The interview process is where you will get to know your applicants and dig into the details of their previous experiences and the project’s requirements.

In four categories, this article will highlight the practical processes of hiring an android developer. Oftentimes, a junior app developer may better serve as an assistant or support to a more experienced team. Perhaps your app is simple and won’t require the complicated ins and outs of more complex software.

Conducting interviews helps recruiters a lot:

Xamarin is a software development platform that allows developers to build mobile apps, websites and other digital applications for iOS, Android and Windows. Xamarin is also used by companies to develop apps in-house or to outsource the development work. We provide our clients with the liberty to choose from a variety of engagement and recruiting models. You can easily choose the best engagement model to hire android developers for your project. Hire app developers from us as they can create the most engaging AR/VR-based android applications and our developers make sure to turn the app’s idea into reality.

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To develop aesthetically appealing, easy, and uniform apps, our designers use proven UI trends. There are several levels of experience among programmers that you should know about before hiring. So, before hiring an Android developer, it is important to understand your requirements in-depth and hire your resources accordingly. Hire hourly Android developers and reimburse them according to the amount of time they spend on your project. In this way, you’ll ensure that your developer gets paid for what they ideally deserve to complete your project on time. An Android app can help a company improve its client relationships.

Why Should You Hire An Android Developer?

This will not only allow you to meet your business objectives, but it will also increase your confidence in the product. Specific considerations must be made when developing an Android app. Before creating an app, it is necessary to consider customer expectations, business demands, workflow, employee and group member requirements, etc. One can build Android apps quickly by hiring a group of expert Android developers or an Android app Development Company.